SEEK Learning - Role Pages project
▶ UX Design - UX Research
▶ Sketch - Invision - Lookback

A research and design project for SEEK Learning based on the hypothesis that "career outcome" is the most important criteria for users when exploring courses.

We went through a process of planning, sketching, wireframing and iterating until we had a prototype, we were ready to put in front of people.
User research started with some internal testing, with people around the office to get some early feedback. Once we were confident the prototype had no major usability issues, we recruited external participants and gathered their feedback on the experience.

Based on the user feedback we were able to iterate of the design of the pages and hand the designs over to the developers to build. Once live, the pages performed well with much higher user engagement and clickthrough rate, and the research validated to the stakeholders the user value of a career-centric approach to discovering courses.