SEEK Learning - Search page redesign project
▶ UX Design - UX Research
▶ Sketch- Invision - Lookback

A research and design project for SEEK Learning with the goal of reducing the drop-off rate of users when visiting the website, based on the hypothesis that the flow of the site was too long for our users.

Starting with planning sessions, we worked out the user needs at every step of the flow, followed by sketching up wireframes and prototypes to work out the best way to meet these needs in as few steps as possible. When our prototypes were ready we began user testing and learned that the designs were too overwhelming. Using this feedback we iterated on the designs and streamlined the flow to retain the most important information while trimming off the rest. Further user research with these designs showed a marked improvement to the user experience, we implemented additional feedback and sent the pages live. Soon after drop-off rates decreased through the site and more users were finding the courses they want sooner.

While this was a challenging project with us almost having to go back to the drawing board, what we learned from the users was invaluable to making the user flow as effective as possible, and it reminded us just how valuable it is to speak to your users. user engagement and clickthrough rate, and the research validated to the stakeholders the user value of a career-centric approach to discovering courses.